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The concept of “I am just a volunteer” has no place at CJMP FM. Volunteers should feel empowered to work in whatever capacity they feel most rewarded, and should commit to responsibilities that they feel will satisfy their needs. Further, they are encouraged to take leading roles in problem solving should situations arise at CJMP FM that are uncooperative or that adversely impact the well-being of volunteers, staff, members of the Powell River Community Radio Society, or the listening community. Volunteers at CJMP FM are valued for their commitment, dedication, and integrity, and are entitled to standards of treatment and respect equaling those granted to paid staff. Likewise, they are responsible for maintaining the same standards of behavior and accountability that are expected of paid staff. CJMP FM is a volunteer-driven organization. There are employees to support the programming and operations of CJMP FM. The lion’s share of work and enjoyment is the collective purview of the volunteers.

The rights and associated responsibilities granted to volunteers within the organization are outlined in this document.


  • Volunteer: An individual currently giving her or his time to CJMP FM free of monetary or other material


  • Member: An individual who is a current paid-up member of the Powell River Community Radio Society.

Volunteer rights

I understand that, as a volunteer at CJMP FM, I have the following rights:

1. To be treated like and respected as a co-worker, which includes all treatment outlined under the Employment Standards Act with respect to harassment.

2. To a suitable volunteer placement at CJMP FM, with consideration for my personal preference and my demonstrated skills, abilities, and interests.

3. To inform myself thoroughly in all aspects of CJMP FM and the Powell River Community Radio Society.

4. To appropriate training so as to be able to carry out my volunteer duties effectively.

5. To access a mentor for advice concerning my volunteer duties.

6. To access CJMP FM’s Conflict Resolution Policy.

7. To raise concerns with the Board of Directors of the Powell River Community Radio Society through avenues for communication that shall be made clear and accessible.

8. To make a complaint to the board of the Powell River Community Radio Society, if I feel that any of my rights have been or are being violated.

Volunteer responsibilities

I understand that, as a volunteer at CJMP FM, I have the following responsibilities:

1. I will maintain my annual CJMP membership as a precondition of my status as a volunteer.

2. I will offer to CJMP FM only that which I am able and willing to provide. It is my responsibility to live up to my commitments.

3. I will make an informed decision about how I want to volunteer for CJMP FM.

4. I will be proactive in my education about CJMP FM and the Powell River Community Radio Society. I will ask for information and additional training which will allow me to do my job well.

5. I will be reliable.

6. I will adhere to all station rules, policies, and procedures pertaining to my volunteer commitments.

7. I will ensure that all guests whom I bring into CJMP FM’s premises and on-air studio adhere to all station rules, policies, and procedures.

8. I will ensure that all windows and door are locked and secured whenever I am the last person leaving CJMP FM’s premises.

9. I will treat my fellow volunteers with respect and work with them cooperatively.

10. If I have a key to the radio station:

• I will not give it to anyone else;

• I will not duplicate it;

• If I lose it I will report this immediately to the Operations Director;

• I will return it to the Operations Director when I retire from my volunteer/programmer commitment to CJMP; • If I am suspended I will turn it in immediately upon request.

11. I will respect the equipment and premises of CJMP FM, especially with regard to no eating or drinking whatsoever around any station equipment. I will only bring liquids in bottles with secured lids into the on-air studio.

12. I will not consume alcohol or any illegal substances in CJMP FM’s premises or directly outside of CJMP FM’s premises.

13. I will handle station equipment with care and respect. I will not remove any equipment from CJMP FM’s premises without permission from the Technical Director or Operations Director.

14. I will adhere to rules about borrowing station recording kits, respecting sign-in and sign-out times and the reservation process.

15. I will contribute to the cleanliness and tidiness of CJMP FM’s premises, if only by leaving a non-existent personal footprint. I will clean up after my guests and encourage others to enforce this rule.

16. I will maintain a positive representation of the radio station at all times on air and at CJMP events and functions.

17. I will represent CJMP FM only in the capacity in which I am knowledgeable and experienced. I will not misrepresent CJMP FM or make unauthorized promises about CJMP FM's role or activities.

18. I will participate in conflict resolution and grievance procedures when called upon to do so by station management. If I think that an outcome is inappropriate or unfair, I can appeal the outcome to the Board of Directors of the Powell River Community Radio Society.

19. I will respect the authority of the Board of Directors of the Powell River Community Radio Society.

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