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As Powell River’s community radio station, CJMP’s mandate is to enhance community dialogue and involvement, so we offer several affordable ways for businesses & community organizations to get their messages out.

Sponsorship options

Station Sponsorship

Sponsor CJMP and receive pre-recorded onair mentions throughout the broadcast schedule

  • Minimum 5 on-air mentions per week at random times throughout the schedule

Sustaining: $30/mo 6 months: $150 1 year: $275

Program Sponsorship

Sponsor a specific CJMP program and receive mention during specific times

  • Limit of two program sponsors per hour
  • No other paid promotions during the program you sponsor
  • We will mention you wherever the program you sponsor is advertised

Sustaining: $40/mo 6 months: $250 1 year: $400

Community Organisations

For eligible community organisations, CJMP offers a 50% discount off sponsorship rates to eligible community organisations plus one FREE 30-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) to promote your organisation. Your PSA will air a minimum of four times per week throughout our broadcast schedule between 6:00 AM and 12:00 midnight. There is a $50 production fee for changes or additional PSAs.

Special Event PSAs

Organizations with an existing PSA can advertise up to four special events per year for just $30 each. A Special Event PSA replaces an existing PSA in the rotation. Perfect for that big fundraiser! Please note that a Special Event PSA requires a minimum of three weeks production time before the first air date. About CJMP FM CJMP FM is Powell River’s listener-supported community radio station. As a non-profit alternative to mainstream media, we engage, educate, entertain, challenge, and provide community access to the airwaves. Our vision is an informed, active, creative and open community with CJMP FM as its hub.

We broadcast 24 hours per day at 90.1 on the FM dial and through the internet via our website. We have locally-produced live programming as well as a wide selection of informative podcasts, some of which are produced especially for us. Our programs are also podcast and rebroadcast.

It’s an exciting time for community radio in Powell River. Get involved today!

Please see our principles.

Free community announcements

CJMP is pleased to read your community event announcement live on-air absolutely free of charge. Community announcements are read at the discretion of the programmers. Email information to events@cjmp.ca. To take advantage of any of these options or for more details, please contact CJMP’s Dept. of On-Air Promotions: promo@cjmp.ca or phone (604) 485-0088.