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Currently, administration of the CJMP social media accounts (Facebook,Twitter) is done by Board Members, Staff and Senior Programmers only. The Facebook account is linked to Twitter, so any posts made on FB auto post to our Twitter account. Here are some guidelines to assist in making sure our social media is kept fresh and up to date in a professional manner. Please remember, these accounts are our face online.


  • Please ensure when posting or replying to posts on the FB page that you are posting “as

CJMP” and not as yourself or one of your other accounts

  • Before you post or share from others, please take a look down the page and make sure

that no one else has already shared or posted the same thing

  • Please ensure that posts to the facebook page are relevant to CJMP or to radio, media,

art, community radio, news, local events, music, our live programming, local non profit groups, etc

  • When posting a photo or sharing a post from another page etc, please make sure to write

a short description to go with it, so when it posts to Twitter, people know what they are looking at and it doesn’t just show up as a FB link.

  • When changing the profile picture or banner, please refresh the page, and then “hide” the

changed photo from the wall as sometimes the images are changed frequently and we don’t want our wall filled with image changes, as people may miss the other important things we are sharing.

  • When on air programmers share something to our page about their show, their podcast,

or going live on air, please copy/paste their post and share as CJMP. We like to promote our live shows as much as possible.

  • If possible, please tag and share posts about or from CJMP on your personal social

media pages when you can, as it helps to amplify our collective voice and directs traffic to our FB page

  • Please keep it professional and non biased. If you have cheeky/sarcastic comments, or

ideas to discuss/debate on any of the posts, ensure it comes from your personal account and not CJMP.


  • Twitter guidelines are like Facebook, but you are limited to 140 characters in a post.
  • If you have a link to share and it takes up too many characters, you can shorten your link

using something like

  • All posts from Facebook are auto shared to our Twitter. That being said, lots of people on

Twitter will not clink FB links, so sometimes it is important to make the same post, specific to twitter.

  • If someone @’s cjmpfm, please respond or RT as necessary.
  • Please RT our programmers who use Twitter to promote their shows and cjmpfm
  • Follow and RT accounts that are relevant to radio, community radio, local events, news,

social justice issues etc

  • Encourage others to follow us as well as other accounts that are relevant. This helps to

build our community on Twitter, and allows for building relationships with other like minded individuals and radio stations

  • use Hashtags (#radio #community #powellriver #music etc) to ensure that our tweets are

seen by larger groups of people. Brings new followers!!

  • When posting about on air shows etc,please @ the programmer if they are on twitter, and

be sure to include the show time and date

  • Twitter is a great tool for outreach and communications with other radio stations,

musicians, and media makers, let’s use this to our advantage by @ mentioning, reaching out, saying hi, RTing etc!

  • participate in #FF (follow friday) and encourage others to follow some of your favorite

twitter accounts. Ex: “ #FF these awesome #media people! @unentity @cousinawd @badkaren67” etc