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A PDF of this document is available.


By reading and signing this contract, I understand that I am entering into rules and responsibilities that will keep the on-air operation running smoothly and keep CJMP on the air.

Violation of clauses in italic type will result in disciplinary action.

Violations of clauses in bold italic type will result in suspension.

As a programmer of CJMP, I ___________________________ (legal name, on air name) acknowledge that I am aware of and accept my responsibilities as follows:


1. I will read and abide by all station rules, policies, and procedures, especially those which pertain to programmers’ responsibilities on-air and off. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Programmers’ Training Manual;
  • Programming Policy; and
  • Conflict Resolution Policy.

2. I will adhere to all CJMP regulations as they pertain to my program, including, but not limited to, Canadian content, spoken-word requirements and language content.

3. I will adhere to all CRTC regulations (see Programming Policy) as they pertain to

• profanity;

• explicit content;

• controversial material and any other material deemed offensive or obscene as defined in the CRTC Broadcast Act.

4. In accordance with CRTC Regulations, I will complete the required logs before I leave the station.

5. I will not be under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance while on air.

6. For every on-air hour of volunteer time each month, I must also volunteer one half-hour off-air. These off-air volunteer hours can be in the form of production work, event planning, fundraising, building the music library, being a podcast listener, attending programmers’ meeting, etc.

7. If I am unavailable for my show, I will do the following: • alert the Program Director via email and seek an appropriate substitute for my show from the currently approved programmers via the programmers’ email list ( If I cannot find a substitute , I may • create a playlist or pre-recorded program that will air during my time slot; or • alert the Program Director and allow automation to play in my time slot.

8. If I will be absent for more than two consecutive weeks, I will alert the Program Director via email and make arrangements to cover my time slot.

9. I understand that if I am absent for more than 2 weeks without having made arrangements with the Program Director, my time slot might be offered to other programmers.

10. I will produce a 30-second audio promo for my show before going on air and I agree to update my show promo every three months.

11. I agree to promote my show on the CJMP webpage. I will do this before my show goes on air.

12. I will not engage in blatant on-air self-promotion, overt business promotion, unpaid client name and product name references, or infomercials.

13. I will not accept money or other non-monetary considerations (e.g., goods, services, discounts) in exchange for on-air promotion of a business nor will I use the radio station or my program for personal financial gain.

14. I will declare group affiliations and/or funding sources in my show proposal and to the Program Director.

15. I will notify the Program Director of anything that might affect my duty as a programmer or that might affect another programmer or the station (e.g., accident, illness, damage to equipment, etc.).

16. I agree to participate, when possible, in all CJMP-related promotions and funding drives.

17. I will arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of my show.

18. I will attend programmers’ meetings whenever possible.

19. I agree to have my email added to the CJMP Programmers List, and will read and respond appropriately.

Also: • I understand that the purpose of the list is to provide directors and the board with a means of communicating official station business; • I understand that it also serves as a way for programmers to share news about their programs with each other and find substitutes; • I will maintain a respectful and professional tone whenever I communicate through this list; • I will use clear language in communicating; • I will not reply-all to an email when a direct response is sufficient.

20. I understand that failure to comply with the terms of this contract may result in disciplinary actions as deemed appropriate by the Program Director. Such actions may include: • suspension from the station for a period as determined on a case by case basis; • removal of my program from the schedule; or • disciplinary action.

21. I understand that I have the right to appeal the Program Director's decision to the Board of Directors.

Programmer’s signature _________________________________________________

Name ________________________________________________________________

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Phone #_______________________________________________________________

Program name _________________________________________________________

Station key # __________________________________________________________

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