Making a Recording into a Podcast

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This process is at the intermediate technology skill level

Note: At this stage, you already have contacted CJMP to let them know that you want your show recorded, and you have received your link with your latest recording. Not there yet? email:

1. Download podcast (right click, select: save as) from link in the email from podcasting

2. Save to disk

3. Edit podcast in Audacity or your preferred digital audio editing software

4. Upload edited podcast at

5. When FINISHED! click in the box

6. Go to to upload

7. Log in to podhawk

8. From the Navigation page, click 'Create New Posting'

9. When on the Recording Page, paste link from FINISHED! box of upload page in to the space: URL goes here

10. On the Recording Page 2, enter your show description in the Message. ie. who was your guest? what did you play? what was the theme? etc.

11. (ADVANCED STEP) To upload an image: click the image icon (looks like a box and a little tree

  11a. The image must be on the net. I do google image searches and use the url of the image i want, or upload one to a image hosting site like tinypic.
  11b. paste the URL of the image in to 'Image URL'  (to get the image url, rt click image>copy link)
  11c. click 'Insert'

12. Make sure to click your show name in the 'categories' section

13. Click "Preview this post' to see what it will look like when posted, and make corrections as necessary

14. IMPORTANT: under 'Status' select 'on air' or the podcast won’t be posted.

15. click 'save all' at the top right.

16. check to see that it published correctly

17. IMPORTANT: promote your podcast on Facebook!!!p