Growler Program 2017

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This grant is final and was submitted on November 29th, 2016

Name of Organization

Powell River Community Radio Society


4476-C Marine Ave., Powell River, BC V8A 2K2

Contact Name

Mel E



Phone Number


Society Registration Number


Description of non-profit organization

CJMP is a listener-supported community radio station. As a non-profit alternative to mainstream media, we engage, educate, entertain, challenge, and provide community access to the airwaves. CJMP strives to enhance community dialogue and involvement, through facilitating the sharing of information, ideas, and artistic expression. To provide the community with a responsible, independent and viable forum for neglected perspectives and discussions on important local, national and global issues, especially reflecting the values of peace, social, economic and environmental justice, human rights, democracy, multiculturalism, and freedom of expression. CJMP also has the ability disseminate information to the community in times of emergency.

How will this donation assist you with your organization's goals

CJMP has ambitious goals for 2017. Townsite Brewing's donation will go towards two main goals. 1. Move the CJMP studio to a more visible and physically accessible location. 2. Move the CJMP transmitter antenna to a new tower, enabling a wider broadcast range. This new tower would grow CJMP's listenership and make the emergency broadcasting system accessible to a larger portion of people living on the Upper Sunshine Coast and Comox Valley.

Explain how you will promote the Growler Program to your network and the community to increase participation and awareness

CJMP will create a short audio spot that informs CJMP's listeners that Townsite Brewing through its ongoing Growler Program supports dozens of local non-profits throughout the year. The spot will also highlight the environmentally friendly benefits of a growler (recycling is good, reuse is better!). In addition to this, CJMP will, via email and its social media outlets, communicate with all programmers, members and the public the message detailed in CJMP's audio spot for the Growler Program. CJMP will also organize a Friday Live Lineup crew to broadcast live from Townsite Brewing for at least one Friday during the period of time for which CJMP is a recipient of Townsite Brewing's contribution.

How will you recognize Townsite Brewing for its contribution?

CJMP will recognize Townsite Brewing's contribution by sending an acknowledgement of the donation amount and what it helped CJMP achieve via on-air messages, through our social media outlets, and by directly emailing our programmers and members. CJMP will encourage people to come out and meet some of CJMP's programmers and other volunteers when the live broadcast is happening at the brewery.