Board Meeting - 2015-08-10

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Powell River Community Radio Society Board of Directors Meeting minutes for August 10th, 2015 at 5:10 pm
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Agenda and Order Of Business

Minutes of Previous Meeting from July 7, 2015

Motion (Leane): That the minutes be approved.

Delegations/External Speakers



• New show application – Jazz oriented – Jason Macleod • Interest in new show from blind applicant

Memberships: Membership received from Jason Macleod – new programmer

Previous Action Items / Task List: Ari – stylus – record player by this weekend

Volunteer Position Reports

Tech Director


Approved by All Approved by All

Headphone amp is plugged in and working – email sent out.

Channel balance is working – soundboard does not need to be repaired.

Programmers – Jason – will send email that should not be unplugged – one works for now.

Power supply from Arakis ($135) – Jason will purchase proper replacement as backup sometime later this month – use CJMP credit card on Maggie’s return.

Buzz in laptop play is still there – Jason might try using all sound components on same circuit.

Will happen when plugged in anywhere – maybe try to use same power supply as Studio PC.

Don -We should look at costs of new UPS for soundboard – for now – swap out transmitter with soundboard

Director Reports

Treasurer’s Report


$2100 in balance.

Maggie: Financial Statements sent by PDF later.

Grant Coordinator


Comittee Reports



Station needs promotion about itself – questions about what can be done around events, signs Ads in Peak from PR Voices.

Using money to promote station will help get name out.

Is there a way to spend money to bring in members & money?

Jason: CJMP This week – via email

Murray would be happy to attend meetings to help out in promotion

Classifieds in Peak to say “I listen to CJMP”

Message to members - Don

Policies Team


Carrie talked to Jennye – follow-up on leading Sponsorship and Advertising team.

New Business

CJMP News Proposal


Is it possible to raise money specifically to promote program?

It would be a news and special affairs program – a CJMP project

Fundraising as a CJMP project for promotion of the project with cross promotions of other CJMP shows Carrie wants to update the sponsorship policy to make sure you can do this

Carrie – lots of excitement around idea

Looking for a potential coordinator

NCRA Issues


Zoe - Workshops presented and attended were very well received

Zoe - made some good friendships with CKUT (Montreal) and a Kingston

NCRA provided grant for “Resonating Reconciliation”

Don - Benefits from membership – member email list, legal counsel, Program Exchange

Not sure if there is influence from NCRA on CRFC grants

Being able to understand the topics of conversation – Equity and Diversity

NCRA Board is not holding to principles that they have defined for themselves

Don - Can we make a statement about steps to address systemic oppression when we apply for membership?

Zoe – Hiring committee did not follow the policy – diverse outreach was not followed

When it was brought to their attention they extended the period.

Recent position was posted only in English – forced to resend in French.

Don will let them know that regular consultation with Zoe will be done.

Only one case being investigated – Zionist persecution.

Zoe is looking at an alternative Media Advocacy Group – backing fund is.

Not recommending attendance by young women – was it East Coast thing? No recognition of indigenous people. Was it the environment?

T-shirt Invoice


Box of T-shirts – okayed by Tara – Invoice with Zoe’s signature

Colin’s Base Camp is capable of doing screen print – Don will check with Zoe to get this done

Screen printed T-shirts – $20 T-shirts – do we owe money?

Carrie - Check with Tara – is there any screen printed T-shirts owed + get brochures?



Questions around building project for specific people

Questions – around content – 20 hours – PSAs, Station IDs – our local public service announcements 8 hours/1 hour pre-recorded material – use for news stuff

Zoe will submit grant-in-aid application to city

Interim Positions


Volunteer coordinator & program manager accounts should be cancelled

Carrie – send email to members introducing new positions and open station times Whereas

Resolution – create interim positions.

Sunshine Music Festival


Abbey will be there with one other volunteer to promote station and get station IDs and interviews Expected that they will be at the table from 11am to 5pm

Date and Location of next meeting

Tuesday September 15 - 5:00pm – to be confirmed

Meeting Adjourned at 7:00pm