Board Meeting - 2015-03-09

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Powell River Community Radio Society Board of Directors Meeting minutes for March 9th, 2014 at 5:10 pm
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Location: #202 - 4675 Marine Avenue (PR Regional District Office), Powell River


Jason L’Eane, President, chaired the meeting which commenced at 5:05 pm.

In attendance:

Board members: Jason Leane, Don Mitchinson, Tricia Sharpe, Ari Neimand, Maggie Mondey, Carrie Swiggum, Claudia Medina (arrived at 5:15pm)

Others: Courtney Harrop

Reports Submitted: Courtney Harrop, Don Mitchinson

Agenda amended and Order Of Business

Minutes of Previous Meeting from February 11th, 2015

Motion (Leane/Neimand):

That the minutes be approved.

Approved by All


Bob Coulter (big vocal supporter in past) is signing up via First CU

Memberships: None to approve

Delegations/External Speakers


Staff Reports

Membership Coordinator


No report submitted

PREVIOUS ACTION: T-shirt report should be presented by email or at next Board meeting PREVIOUS ACTION (Board): feedback for next meeting from all

Volunteer Coordinator


Submitted report and reviewed.

On air book club – people need training. Nola owns the show. Courtney will follow-up with book club and Nola to ensure all programmers have the training.

The library wants to sponsor a show in some form by supplying the books for the book club.

Courtney suggested that programmers be allowed a percentage for promoting a show. Ari suggested a predefined Incentive package be offered to promote show along with the sponsor.

First Nations Language Coordinator


Attending conference in Manitoba

Volunteer Position Reports

Tech Director


CD 2 Cable has been soldered.

4G Internet device came with Business Internet

Terry from Telus came in and found a major fault. Should be fixed for Friday

Production Manager


Resignation from Emma received via Jason

Director Reports

Treasurer’s Report


Cheques for SOCAN and WCB need to be sent out

Employee Remittances and T-4s need to be worked out (talk to Darlene – this week) Converting to Quickbooks Online – ACTION: Get Backup of SAGE Account from Darlene



CRFC Youth Grant – for March 31st deadline Tricia and Courtney will work on grant together using Grant-in-Aid at City of Powell River – deadline is March 15th, 2015. Courtney has an idea with Devin.

Policies & Procedures


Ari – setup a Facebook group for policy committee members

Maggie – put together an index for policy manual using existing policies Hi priority items – sexual harassment policies

Ari/Neil – working on needle usage

Jason – sound system policy details

Tricia: Will setup a meeting with policy committee participants



Newsletter in draft mode

Suggestions for how many companies

Comittee Reports



Huge campaign not feasible for this year - suggested that 90.1 hours before Prom to raise $500 Fun-Drive – Murray Dobbin has offered to pay for large advertisements

Raise awareness by getting members to send emails in to PR Living “Love your non-profit”

People’s Prom


April 4th is scheduled for People’s Prom – scheduled at Cranberry Seniors’ Hall Posters don’t have times/locations. Will be updated later

New Business

Community Calendar


Still doing manually. Courtney will ask programmers and volunteers

Job Descriptions / Organizational Structure

(Tricia) ACTION: Send info on roles / timelines to Tricia

Strategic meeting needed (roles, structure, liability insurance)

Date and Location of next meeting

CJMP –Monday April 13, 2015 5:00pm (Powell River Regional District) Meeting Adjourned at 6:20 pm