Board Meeting - 2014-02-06

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Powell River Community Radio Society Board of Directors Meeting minutes for February 6th, 2014 at 5:10 pm
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Location: CJMP Radio Station, 4476-C Marine Avenue, Powell River


Jason L’Eane, President, chaired the meeting which commenced at 5:10 pm.

In attendance

Board members: Ari Neimand, Kate Wetherell, Jason L’Eane, Emma Bell, Don Mitchinson

Others: none

Agenda and Order Of Business Read In and Approved by All

Minutes of Board Meeting of January 14, 2014

L’Eane/Bell: That the minutes of the Board meeting of January 14, 2014 be approved.


Treasurer’s Report

(Kate Wetherell)

Rent has been paid up for 6 months

Last grant cheque from CRFC has been received

Figures for the current financial position were presented (Appendix A). Financial Reports will be placed in drop box

Technical Director Report

(Jason L’Eane)

Headphones will be replaced. Kate confirmed money in account to purchase now.

Jason will purchase headphones by end of next week.

Jason/Ari will be looking for a good weather window next week to mount antenna and install transmitter.

Production Manager Report

(Emma Bell)

Emma is still hand producing list for CSAs

No one found yet for On Air Promotions position

Courtney is editing new Station IDs

Ari has lots of artist Station IDs and show promos – he will give to Emma via Dropbox to add to folder Don will meet with Emma Feb 12 10am to drop into correct folders and rebuild playlists


(Kate Weatherell, Don Mitchinson)

Kate will follow up with Zoe about last grant cheque

Reconciliation grant still has expenses to be reconciled with Zoe

Radiometres grant is being applied for as a partnership grant with Cortes Island and Salmon Arm community radio stations. Don and Zoe will write it and Kate will work on financials and budget numbers. Deadline is February 14th. Total value is $100,000 shared amongst the three stations. One shared component will be a First Nations language program and a station database developed by us. It’ll also involve Training Workshops and travel to each other’s station as well as one shared location.

Policy Committee Report

(Ari Neimand, Zoe Ludski)

Don will confirm latest files been placed in shared Dropbox folder 3.9 Membership (Don Mitchinson, Ari Neimand)

Ari has volunteered to take on the role as membership coordinator with direction.

Don will send membership newsletter out to prompt for people interested in helping out. Ari will check with CMG and order more of the thank you cards

Don will get Ari list of new members that we should send thank-you notes.

Ongoing Business

Programmers Pledge Drive

(Ari Neimand)

Zoe recommended not asking programmers to have work on this as well as Love Slam at least for awhile

Motion: Neimand/Mitchinson: All future CJMP sponsored events must be promoted by CJMP on blog, Facebook and with on air promotions


Cranberry Hall Grant Money

(Don Mitchinson)

We have the plaques and they will be mounted on the soundboard. An extra one is on hand for the production computer when we get that. Jason will price out and order it now and just keep the receipt. We are still waiting to request money until antenna/transmitter has been installed.

Website Update

(Don Mitchinson)

Jason/Don will meet in3rd week of February to plan a course of action for server changes

Clothing Policy

Lots of discussion about proper attire while in the station. Ari will talk to Zoe and programmer about dressing accordingly.

South Marine Avenue Party

Group is just exploring idea for now.

Exact date still to be determined. Don will post letter on Facebook Group Files page

Motion: L’Eane/Mitchinson: Agree in principle that CJMP will participate. Discuss later as to what form it will be.


Date and Location of next meeting

February 27, 2014 5:00pm Meeting Adjourned at 6:30pm